The People's Steeple....the Plan

The People's Steeple
The full text of the proposal to rebuild the Steeple at Christchurch(NZ)Cathedral using hundreds of people working together.
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]

To read the whole proposal and see the images and drawings, download the PDF above.

VIDEO:  Final raising of Steple.  For modeling purposes one capstan was used to demonstrate the principle.  In the real raising over 500 people on 16 capstans would be arrayed in Cathedral Square to lift the steeple into place.  It should take less than two hours to lift it the 90 feet (30 m) into place.

VIDEO:  Lower Section going up.  The lower section is the first piece assembled and raised into place.  It securely locks into the stonework some nine meters below the top of the wall.  The arch has been removed for clarity.   This raising would take place some weeks before the final raising.





Raising the obelisk at St. Peter’s Square, 1586.  


In 1586, roughly 1500 people came together to raise the obelisk at St. Peter's Square.  The experience was so unique, and so meaningful, that people are still talking about it today.


Imaging the legacy when some 500 people come together in Cathedral Square---rugby players, students, parents and parishiners---to lend their hands and hearts to the raising of the new steeple at Christchurch.





VIDEO:  Demonstrating how the resilient connection between Tower and Spire allows the Spire to flex in a Quake.  Pendulum mass damper at base of tower hangs on a chain connected to the Spire mast.   When Tower base lurches in a quake, the pendulum stays stable, moderating the effect of the quake on the tower and spire. 

Want to Help?

Ring the Cathedral office (03)366 0046  or email and leave a message of support for the plan.  Offer to help as work crew, cooking, logistics, or any other way you can help.  Donate financially too.









Bishop announces deconstruction of Cathedral.

OK...the Bishop has anounced that the Cathedral is to be deconstructed.  Have a read of the Open Letter to Christchurch and see if that decision makes sense to you.   If not, work with us...and find ways to change minds and hearts and save the Cathedral for future generations and the service of God.

Timber Framer's Guild and UK Carpenter's Fellowship pledge support


The Timber Framers Guild (Canada and US) together with the UK Carpenter's fellowship have offered their full support to this proposal and have offered to help augment the skills and resources of Canterbury.  They offer to assist by using their member's skills and efforts to prefabricate and help to assemble and raise the needed timber framed sections of the Steeple. 


Visit their web sites for more information: and