Welcome to The People's Steeple.


Sharing the proposal to rebuild the Steeple at Christchurch Cathedral with a light, flexible, earthquake resistant structure the same size and shape as the original.   


This plan was developed pro bono, and are a gift to the people of Christchurch


A Proposal has been submitted to the decision makers at Christchurch Cathedral to rebuild the Belltower and Spire.  The new tower would be the same familiar size, form and shape, but lighter and  earthquake resistant. We propose to utilize time-proven, non-industrial, sustainable methods. Scores of volunteer and hired skilled craftsmen from NZ and around the world would be called to fabricate and assemble the needed parts. Hundreds of volunteers arrayed in Cathedral Square will provide the power to raise the structure up to its final position.


If the Church is to take the decision to adopt this approach, they will need to know that they have the support they need....That's where YOU can help.  Contact information is at the right side of this page.

Video:    Part one above.....part two below

The People's Steeple
Full text of the proposal to rebuild the Steeple at Christchurch Cathedral.
Adobe Acrobat document [1.0 MB]


ABOVE: Video of final raising.  Real time would take about two hours.  See other videos by clicking "The People's Steeple...the plan" on the menu to the left.


BELOW:  The model of the steeple exploded.  The wooden sections of the steeple are assembled and telescoped inside each other.  The little man is 6 feet tall.

Want to Help?

Ring the Cathedral office (03)366 0046  or email Admin@ChristchurchCathedral.co.nz and leave a message of support for the plan.  Offer to help as work crew, cooking, logistics, or any other way you can help.  Donate financially too.









Bishop announces deconstruction of Cathedral.

OK...the Bishop has anounced that the Cathedral is to be deconstructed.  Have a read of the Open Letter to Christchurch and see if that decision makes sense to you.   If not, work with us...and find ways to change minds and hearts and save the Cathedral for future generations and the service of God.

Timber Framer's Guild and UK Carpenter's Fellowship pledge support


The Timber Framers Guild (Canada and US) together with the UK Carpenter's fellowship have offered their full support to this proposal and have offered to help augment the skills and resources of Canterbury.  They offer to assist by using their member's skills and efforts to prefabricate and help to assemble and raise the needed timber framed sections of the Steeple. 


Visit their web sites for more information: www.TFGuild.org and www.CarpentersFellowship.co.uk.